It is a difficult time indeed, and we at Politea, believe that it is time for something very new, and at the same time very old - a cooperative.



Our Mission

Our mission is to grow a cooperatively-owned technology platform for communicating, organizing and fundraising that will ensure data privacy and bring wealth back to our communities.


We are passionate about strengthening democracy, and believe that this starts with preserving data privacy and being completely independent of giant tech firms.


It is in our hands to build our own solutions and, more importantly, a better future.


We invite you to join your friends and neighbors to build community and connections in a positive and constructive way.



Why Choose Us?

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You can easily sign up on our community or simply login, if you already have an account to get started !

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Quickly start by posting your status updates, photos, videos, groups, blogs, classifieds, etc inside.


Our community is 100% responsive, so you can use it anywhere, & anytime from any device.


Our community is available 24x7, so you can use it as per your flexibility and requirement.

Politea, pronounced polite-ee-ah, is a variation on the Greek word politeia which means community.





Cooperatively-Owned Social Media for Colorado
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