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Ray Dalio: Inflation Is Coming, Do This Now!

Posted by Bernard Douthit
In this video Ray Dalio explains why it's likely that inflation is on it's way and how you can prepare for it! \ud83d\udcca Sven Carlin (Expert Investor) Portfolio & Free Investing Course: \ud83d\udcc8 How To Invest Course: __________________________________ My 2nd Investing YouTube Channel: Subscribe Here: ___ DISCLAIMER: It's important to note that I am not a financial adviser and you should do your own research when picking stocks to invest in. These are just some of my viewpoints, by no means would I recommend watching one YouTube video and then immediately buying that stock. This video was made for educational and entertainment purposes only. Consult your financial adviser.
Posted August 11, 2020 - Filed in Finance, Economics & Investing - #Ray Dalio  #investing  #inflation 
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